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 SOSnation Intelligence Company, what we are and what we do

SOSnation Intelligence Company is an advertising agency in Nigeria into Digital Marketing and Social Media Management services providing creative ideas and strategic direction for successful marketing. Our motto is known as, “Creativity and Strategy is Success.”

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Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

We increase your sales and awareness, grow your followers, create and post interesting content (videos, images and info) about your business, apply creative marketing strategies to start trends and influence opinions of people so as to convert them into your customers and followers, promoting your brand and business to success.

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Advertising on SOSnation app, our Instagram and more

Advertising on SOSnation app is good for your brand. We share info about your products, services and brand on our website, our app and our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more) for millions of users to see, buy and patronize you.

We offer affordable rates with different packages: Whether you want your ad inserted inside news and post on our site and app, or you want to a full post and article about your advert to be published on our site and app, or you want your ad to be shared on our Instagram page and other social media pages, yes! We can do that effectively for you, just like we did for a client below:


We inserted theΒ Oak Pensions advert into several news and posts on our website and app. The client also requested that we share it on our Instagram page for more views and engagement.Β  We can do better for you.

SOSnation Intelligence Company CEO and founder, our vision, mission and core values

SOSnation Intelligence Company was created by our CEO and founder Ugochukwu Obasi on June 28, 2013 by 1:28:58 AM (GMT+1 hour), to be precise.

Our vision and mission is “to provide creative ideas and strategic direction for successful marketing.”

Our core values exist in three words which are CREATIVITY, STRATEGY and SUCCESS. That is because at SOSnation, every service we provide for a client:

1. MUST BE CREATIVE enough to generate adequate awareness and attract positive attention towards our client’s brand.
2. MUST BE STRATEGIC enough to effectively reach and engage our client’s audience, converting them into followers then into customers then into fans and finally into supporters of our client’s brand.
3. MUST BE SUCCESSFUL enough to produce enormous sales, value, money and profit as return of investment for our client.

We value our relationship with our clients and make great efforts to serve the best services to them. That is why we are known and always referred to when a client seeks a company that delivers successfully with creativity, strategy and customer satisfaction.

Join the creative team!

We are a professional, talented and creative team passionately bound by our core and shared values with one vision and mission in mind, and that is “to provide creative ideas and strategic direction for successful marketing.Join SOSnation today, let’s create the future!

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