April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week

April Iyomaterie is the new SOS Face Of The Week

April Iyomaterie is a hot model, an intelligent student, and has the potential of being a female president in Nigeria as her vision and agenda for the country proves so. That’s why she is our new SOS Face Of The Week.

April Iyomaterie SOS Face Of The Week introduction image

SOS: Please introduce yourself briefly
APRIL: “I am April Mary Ufuoma Tobi Iyomaterie.”

SOS: Wow! 😮 How many names for one person? Do you have a nickname?
APRIL: “Lol! I don’t have a nickname.”

SOS: We will call you April then. Go on.
APRIL: “My birthday is April 12. I am from Delta State. So, my hobbies, hmm! I love to paint and draw. I love to listen to good music and dance. And I watch movies a lot if that’s even a hobby lol! I’m currently at Ekiti State University and I am a Thespian studying Theatre and Media Arts.”

April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Exclusively from April Iyomaterie

SOS: What is your beauty secret?
APRIL: “Hmm. Beauty secret? Is there really any I stick to religiously for my skin? I just use the every day shower douche and body lotion. Although there was sometime I started using coconut oil and aloe vera and it resulted in a good glow and all but I stopped using it. Talking about body fitness, I barely hit the gym. I just do my early morning skipping, coupled with the daily wahala of anyone my age. That’s just what keeps my body in good shape.”

April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Exclusively from April Iyomaterie

SOS: If a bank wants to give you a loan, how much do you want and explain what business idea you will invest it in? 💰
APRIL: “If I will be doing a business, it should be one I can handle and something I would actually love doing. Then my location should be put into consideration so as to know if this business will move in this particular area. This is why a clothing/styling business would work because every where you go every lady or guy wants to look nice and stand out.”

SOS: But everybody is selling clothes online and offline now.
APRIL: “Now it might sound like everyone is into the business already, but you can have a number of people doing a particular business and only few thrive.”

SOS: That’s true.
APRIL: “This few apply a different strategy and good business packaging. Here is the plan I drew out: The styles I would be creating, be it male shirts, female tops, jumpsuits, skirts and dresses, will determine the kind of material to use. I would go to Lagos Island, get really nice materials at the rate of 700 to 1,500 Naira per yard depending on the quality, get it sewn for 1,500 or 2K. With time, I will learn to sew dresses myself so as to save cost. My medium for advertising would be social media, especially Instagram because you have a large audience there; people who like to shop and look good. I would have a website and business page where I post these outfits, take orders online, get my sisters to model for me or friends.”

April Iyomaterie AprilThegod SOS face Of The Week
April Iyomaterie/Instagram

SOS: This sounds brilliant and very possible. But how much do you need to start?
APRIL: “To start this business, I shouldn’t need more than 200,000 Naira from purchasing materials to sewing to transportation. So if I get a loan from a bank it would be 200,000 Naira.”

SOS: Just 200K, only? That is a small money for the big guys who will read this interview, if you know what I mean. 😃
APRIL: “Hahaha!”

April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Exclusively from April Iyomaterie

SOS: If you become the first female president of Nigeria, how can you make our country better?
APRIL: “The education sector in Nigeria is lagging, so that will be my first focus: I’ll make education a thing every Nigerian can afford and even those traveling abroad to study will have no reason to do so because the standard of education will be improved. I’ll try to eradicate corruption with laws I must make sure are abided by. I will invest in youths and try to, if it is possible, see to it that there is a retirement age for politicians and encourage more women to be involved in politics.”

SOS: April for president 2023! 👍 You will be the hottest female president in Nigeria.
APRIL: “Looool! Thank you!!!”

April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Exclusively from April Iyomaterie

SOS: If Manchester United vs Arsenal are playing today, which football team will you bet your money on? 🙄
APRIL: “Man. U. all the way!!!”

SOS: Which one of the new and latest songs out is your favorite on your phone?
APRIL: “Hmm. Ariana Grande‘s Break Up With Your Girlfriend.”

SOS: #TGIF – How will you love to spend this Friday night and weekend with a man you like? 😘
APRIL: “Man, I like dinner at a fancy restaurant, then probably hit the club.”

April Iyomaterie AprilTheGod Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Apirl Iyomaterie/Instagram

SOS: Mention one gift you will like a man to get for you on your birthday this April 12?
APRIL: “Right now, I would love a ride. A Lexus, Acura or Venza. So I would appreciate it if anyone would get me a ride as a birthday gift.”

April Iyomaterie AprilThegod SOS face Of The Week
April Iyomaterie/Instagram

SOS: TURN-OFF? What turns you off in a man? What makes you lose interest in a man? ☹
APRIL: “Pride, too stale, no sense of humor. Like, what am I supposed to do with you if you don’t have any sense of humor, can’t take a joke, all serious and boring?”

SOS: TURN-ON? What turns you on in a man? What makes you interested in a man? ❤
APRIL: “Intelligence, good sense of humor. And not to sound materialistic but a man is more attractive if he gives gifts, money. A lady likes to be pampered. The smell of his perfume could also give a pass.”

April Iyomaterie AprilThegod SOS face Of The Week
April Iyomaterie/Instagram

SOS: What advice do you have for people about relationships and unprotected sex? 🍆
APRIL: “Let’s talk relationships first:

1. Communication in a relationship goes a long way. Always communicate. Make sure you both tell each other about the littlest things like what’s bothering and what’s not, talk about how your day went, people you encountered, just talk talk and talk. You would be surprised at what your partner is picking up from these conversation and what you also would learn about your partner.
2. When you find out something really wrong your partner did, if you have chosen to forgive, then you must also learn to forget. Don’t hold it over him or her. Don’t bring it up in discussions. Just let it go.
3. Never stay in a relationship where you feel like a prisoner or it feels like the love is one sided.
4. Suck up your pride and apologize when you are wrong.”

SOS: April the Love Doctor. 😍 Wow! I personally have learned something from these 4 points you stated. Anyway, what about unprotected sex?
APRIL: “Let’s talk about unprotected sex: Almost everyone is having sex these days. And amidst all the ecstasy and pleasure, what should be the question is, ‘Am I safe?’ You should protect yourself from STDs and STIs by using condoms. Make sure you always have a pack of condoms at your grasp, even for the ladies as weird as this might sound. I included ladies because amidst the foreplay, your partner can be like, ‘Oh shit! I forgot to get condoms,’ and then you both end up going skin-to-skin. Please, condoms. Another option would be to get you and your partner tested, that is if you like it unprotected. But this also is not reliable because even after this tests come out negative, let’s say one of you get unfaithful and contact any STD unknown to you, you would still have unprotected sex with your partner banking on the negative outcome of the test. This only leaves the usage of condoms as the best option.”

April Iyomaterie AprilThegod SOS face Of The Week
April Iyomaterie/Instagram

SOS: If a man that can turn you on is interested in you, what’s your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat usernames so that he can meet you?
APRIL: “Instagram: AprilThegod. Snapchat: ThaCutearian.”

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