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APC tells El-Rufai that Tinubu remains their leader

APC wants Nasir El-Rufai to know that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is and remains their leader regardless of El-Rufai’s shade.

The Governor of Kaduna State recently gave an advice to Lagos residents to end their loyalty with godfathers regarding political dealings, an advice APC followers, especially Lagosians didn’t take likely. El-Rufai later addressed the advice, stating that he stood by what he said, adding he owed no apologies to anyone regarding it!

“I made comments in Lagos about how to retire godfathers. It is a template that we have used in Kaduna and it has worked,” El-Rufai stated. “If anybody thinks he is a godfather, the template may apply to him but I am not in dispute with anyone. I expressed my views firmly and very clearly, there is no human being that I am afraid to express my views on, and when I am ready to express my views, specifically on a particular name, then I will do so but I haven’t.”

When asked if he wanted Tinubu retired as the godfather of Lagos politics, the governor replied, “But I don’t know if he is the godfather of Lagos, it’s up to him to say that. What I know for sure is that we have retired godfathers in Kaduna and I have told those that asked me the question that ‘there are six million registered voters in Lagos but only one million voted,’ in the last election. So there are five million people that you can bring into the electoral play ground and you can defeat anyone if you work hard. It’s hard work, it’s four years. That is what I said and if anyone feels offended by that, that is his or her business.”

He concluded un-apologetically, “I have no apologies, I don’t apologise for my views. My views are thought-out and I put them there. I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. This is a democracy, and in a democratic space, there must be room for people to express their views.”

Reacting to El-Rufai’s statement, Publicity Secretary, Lagos chapter of All Progressives Congress, Joe Igbokwe, said, “Talk is cheap, anybody can make any statement. They want to be like Asiwaju, they want to command respect, they want the world to accept them the way they have accepted Asiwaju, they want to be admired the way people admire Asiwaju.”

Joe Igbokwe APC spokesman

The statement continued, “But in actions and deeds, they are not like Asiwaju. In character and in tolerance, they are not like Asiwaju. In commitment and hard work, they are not like BAT. In grace and empathy, they are not like BAT. In temperament and love for humanity, they are not like Asiwaju.

They cannot surrender their home to the people the way BAT has been doing. They cannot fight for others the way BAT does. They cannot deny themselves freedom for the sake of others the way BAT does. They cannot stand for the ordinary people the way Asiwaju does. ”They cannot be trusted the way we trust BAT. They cannot give the way BAT does. They cannot sacrifice what BAT has sacrificed for humanity for close to 40 years. They cannot live for others the way the way Asiwaju has done for years. I can go on and on but he who must lead others must first lead himself.

We follow our leader, Asiwaju, because he works for us, even when we are sleeping. We follow and honour our leader because he breaks his back for us. We follow him because he cares for all of us . We follow him because he knows where he is going. We follow BAT because he has earned our trust for decades now. ”We follow him because he has never disappointed us. We follow Asiwaju because he is focused and dynamic. We follow Asiwaju because he has not failed us . We follow him because he is dependable.

”We follow him because he fights for us. We follow him because the man is a deep thinker. We follow Asiwaju because he values us without measure.”

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