Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week

๐Ÿ“Œ Debbie Aflalo is the new SOS Face Of The Week

Debbie Aflalo is a professional model and talented actress from Dominican Republic! The foreign damsel with a body equal to perfection has joined our circle of the hottest girls in the nation. She is your new SOS Face Of The Week.

SOS Face Of The Week introduction image Debbie Aflalo
In courtesy of Debbie Aflalo/

SOS: Please introduce yourself briefly.
DEBBIE: “My name is Debbie Aflalo, but my close friends call me Debbu.”

SOS: Debbu baby! ๐Ÿ˜˜
DEBBIE: “Haha! I’m here!”

SOS: Continue dear.
DEBBIE: “I was born in the Dominican Republic on June 15, 1993. As a hobbie; I do workouts. I also love going to the beach because it feels very peaceful.”

Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Debbie Aflalo/Instagram

DEBBIE: “I studied Diplomacy and International Relations in the university. Currently, I’m a model and actress.”

SOS: You look gorgeous. Your Instagram photos got our attention, like that body of yours is hot! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
In courtesy of Debbie Aflalo

SOS: Tell us, what is your beauty secret?
DEBBIE: “My beauty Secret is being happy, haha! And I smile a lot.”

SOS: Happiness? Smiles? Like, seriously Debbie? ๐Ÿคจ
DEBBIE: “Okay. You want details, right? I eat very healthy; just clean carbs like vegetables and fruits, no sugar, no alcohol, no fried food. I drink plenty of water on a steady and I workout 4 times a week.”

SOS: If a bank wants to give you a loan, how much do you want and explain what business idea you will invest it in?
DEBBIE: “I think the best business is doing what you love. My passion is not only being a model, I love acting too. My dream is go to New York or Los Angeles and make it a reality by becoming successful as an actress and starting my own film production company. So if the bank gives me a loan, I would invest it in promoting myself as an actress, using my talent and fame to generate funds enough to start my own filming company. I think it is a good investment.”

SOS: Of course, it is. Who knows, you might become the next big thing in Hollywood or Telemundo.
DEBBIE: “Telemundo? Hahahaha! That will be nice.”

Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
In courtesy of Debbie Aflalo

SOS: Which one of the new and latest songs out is your favorite on your phone?
DEBBIE: “I have many favorites. I canโ€™t choose just one but my favorite kind of music is Trap and Reggaeton.”

SOS: Do you have any Nigerian songs on your phone?
DEBBIE: “I like the song “Fall” by Davido. I have seen his pictures too. He looks like a cool guy.”

SOS: Hmm. If Chioma catch you.
DEBBIE: “Sorry? Who is Chioma?”

SOS: Never mind. Next question: How will you love to spend this Friday night and weekend with a man you like?
DEBBIE: “I love dancing. I would like to go to dance. No matter how the date is planned, but dancing has to be added.”

Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
In courtesy of Debbie Aflalo

SOS: Mention one gift you will like a man to get for you on your birthday.
DEBBIE: “I think the best gift a man can give me is time and care. I appreciate the people who give me their time because it is something you wonโ€™t get back. I know some girls will want a car or money, but I’m different. Give me your time and care, that’s all.”

Debbie Aflalo Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Debbie Aflalo/Instagram

SOS: TURN-OFF? What turns you off in a man? What makes you lose interest in a man?
DEBBIE: “A liar.”

SOS: TURN-ON? What turns you on in a man? What makes you interested in a man?
DEBBIE: “The way he talks to me the first time we meet, the way he thinks about life and his goals and how he works hard to accomplish them.”

SOS: What advice do you have for people about love, relationships and unprotected sex?
DEBBIE: “Most people should know that having unprotected sex is dangerous, not because of pregnancy but because people can get an STI and other diseases. So what I think is if you meet someone new and maybe later you both want sex, it is very important to use a condom. The only time you should think of not using a condom is if she is your wife! And if she is your wife, donโ€™t have sex with someone else. And if you suspect anything, take a blood test!”

Debbie Aflalo Insagram SOS Face Of The Week
In courtesy of Debbie Aflalo

SOS: If a man that can turn you on is interested in you, what’s your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat usernames so that he can meet you?
DEBBIE: “The only social media platform I’m on is Instagram for now, and my username is @DebbieAflalo.”

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  1. Why is 1 dollar 357 naira? If not nothing dey dia to fly this chick from her country to naija make she come chill with heavy men like us for the weekend in banana island. nne watsup?

  2. See as God dey work. Me and office people are planning to travel to carribean island soon. sos please how can I contact her?

  3. I thought this was meant for only girls in naija. It make sense adding white girls too tho. Well done sos.

    1. it doesnt make sense. sos sud make it strictly for nigerian girls only. we need to have something for us alone.

  4. At first glance, I feel in love with her face, then her body, then her words, then everything about her. Why is she not in Nigeria. I would have begged this blog to let me meet her even if it cost anything. I love you Debbie, I can’t wait to meet you one day in Abuja.

  5. Sos you guys still do this stuff hahaha. I remember those days when vivian chidueme and ifeoma osama where the biggest names in sos face of the week. Where are they now? I use to like ifeoma back then. Kudos to what you guys are doing.

    1. You too? Me self I still remember Vivian and Iphy. They were the baddest and finest on this blog. Lool no babe pass them that year that year.

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