Cristiano Ronaldo supported by Juventus president over rape allegations

Cristiano Ronaldo repeatedly denies any allegation of rape and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has offered his backing to the player, says he will support Cristiano Ronaldo as the forward faces a rape allegation.


As you all know, model Kathryn Mayorga has accused Ronaldo of sexually assaulting her in a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009.

In a statement released earlier this month, Ronaldo described rape as an “abominable crime,” and Agnelli confirmed at a news conference on Thursday he will back the player.

“When there are problems I tend to look people in the eyes, ask them the questions directly and them judge them myself,” Agnelli said at a news conference. “I’m very calm, having spoken to him directly as soon as the case emerged, on his position. And his behaviour in the days and weeks that followed only confirm my initial feeling. It’s a personal case, but I spoke to him with [vice chairman] Pavel [Nedved] and [sporting director] Fabio [Paratici] and I told Cristiano that my door and the door of Juventus will always be open whenever he would need something.”

He added, “We are here to support him and the same goes for every woman and man at Juventus, when they need it and when we are convinced that they behaved correctly.”

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  1. I’m stl finding it hard to believe that he raped her. This guy that any woman will do anything to sleep with.

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