Cardi B Nicki Minaj collage beef NEw York Fashion Week injury

Cardi B on Nicki Minaj – “I always address people face-to-face.”

Cardi B has some words about Nicki Minaj, and we all find it suspicious and threatening.

In a recent FaceTime interview with Ebro Darden on his Beats 1 show on Apple Music, the rapper was asked whether she could be in the same room as Minaj—without fighting—following their Fashion Week showdown.

“I don’t care,” Cardi said. “It’s whatever the energy’s like. I don’t care.”

Earlier this week, Cardi B’s song “Money” leaked—and she blamed Minaj’s fans for spreading it, dissing them as well.

In the “Money” song, she addresses her critics, rapping, “I heard that Cardi went pop / Yeah, I did go pop / That’s me bustin’ they bubble.”

She also drops some bars for her competition, rapping, “Cardi at the tip-top, bitch / Kiss the ring and kick rocks, sis.”

Uh oh! Was she referring to Nicki Minaj? 😯 Fans thought so. But she denied speculation that it’s a Minaj-inspired diss track.

“The way that I came up, it was never about dissing nobody, and I still feel like I don’t need to diss anybody for nothing. My music was never about that. I have a short temper, so that’s like doing things that I don’t stand for,” the “I Like It” rapper explained. “I don’t like when people be subbing me. So, why would I subbing you on music? Any problem I have, I always address people face-to-face.”

Nicki is yet to respond to all of this. What do you think. Listen to Cardi’s interview below:

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