Ugochukwu Obasi, CEO and founder of SOSnation, creative director, Clementina’s son

Ugochukwu Obasi is my name. I’m the CEO and founder of SOSnation. Creator of SOSnation app, the most interesting app in the world.
New friends call me SOS, old friends call me Slim.
But only one person called me Daddy, my loving mother, Clementina Obasi. Sadly she passed away, but forever she lives within me.

clementina obasi burial poster ugochukwu obasi motherless millionaires
In courtesy of the Obasi family

Slim boy, fat ideas.
God blessed me with the gift of creativity, vision and picture-thinking:

“I found out that I possessed the ability to think in pictures, but in a rare manner. When I see something or words are spoken to me, I see immediate flashes of light and images, frame per frame within seconds, mentally actualizing any idea with so much clarity and accurate detailing. Shocking, my body is having a conversation with you normally, but mentally my mind travels to another realm filled with creative thoughts and imaginations in vivid forms, floating around me in the physical. This gift scared me, for I thought I was mentally suffering from hallucinations. Not until I made a deep research and found out that a few great men had it too. Great men, like Nikola Tesla, a great visual thinker and inventor. Then I embraced this divine gift of mine from God.”

Only doctors and my role model Nikola Tesla understands what I quoted above (chill, I’m not insane) because back in secondary school I loved art and design, but I never liked mathematics.
I mean, dy dx? If x + y = z, find Z. Like seriously, Sir? Where is Z always going to? LOL!

The funny thing is, I literally was awarded best in mathematics SS1 and best in further mathematics SS2 (my father was so proud of me, I will never forget his reaction), but I never enjoyed both topics. How was this possible? I was just an ambitious being that gets what he wants when he puts God first and his mind second. Please don’t get me wrong. I had a powerful mind, and I loved calculations. I loved physics so much! I also got awarded best in physics SS1. Physics was one of my best subjects ever, I mean, the fact one can calculate and put formulas together mentally so as to achieve a reaction physically was sooo cool to me (I guess that’s why I decided to take Maths seriously). I was a science student (not Olamide‘s type of Science Student), but I loved art, literature, social activities and still had a strong love for innovation. So it was a mix; technology meets art, innovation meets beauty, science meets entertainment. In the combination of both gave birth to one word I became fond of, “creativity.”

When I founded SOSnation in my room in university back in 2013, June 28th, 58 seconds and 28 minutes past 1 a.m. GMT+1 to be precise (old friends know I don’t joke with time, I’m deep like that), I honestly didn’t know what I know now. But I knew ideas develop, and great things take time. Back then, I was just a naive yet zealous boy that wanted the opportunity to create, not knowing the frustrating ups and downs start-up companies and SMEs face in a country like Nigeria, unfortunately.

Ideas + Money = Possibilities. This was a real life formula I had to painfully learn the hard way. But what happens when there isn’t money? Do we say it is “not possible?” No! I believe it doesn’t take money to start a business, it takes a business man.

So I took time off, tripled my hustle, educated my mind with corporate lessons (along with spiritual knowledge from men of God, wisdom from mentors and Mom), prayed ceaselessly…and here I am in 2018 with a renewed company and fatter ideas…but the same vision.

“Vision,” in quote: Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was called the telephone company.
IBM was called the computer company.
Years later came the information technology companies, like Bill GatesMicrosoft.
Some years later, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, and he was called the social network company.
Now? It’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies.
But what else is next? Do we fold our arms and use what others create, or create what others should use? Why can’t you be the next big thing?

An idea may seem vague to most, but understandable to intellectuals.
It may seem crazy to the 99% of people, but possible to the 1%. And I want you to be part of this “few” 1%, because anybody can create, but only few can create creativity. They may say we are crazy, but they forget that only the “few” crazy ones make ideas possible. Ask Steve Jobs, ask Nikola Tesla.

Come, join me and the “few” 1% today,
let’s create tomorrow, let’s create the future,
let’s create innovation, let’s create possibilities.
In summary, let’s create CREATIVITY.


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