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SOSnation careers and job opportunities

We at SOSnation Intelligence Company are a professional, talented and creative team passionately bound by our core and shared values with one vision and mission in mind, and that is “to provide creative ideas and strategic direction for successful marketing.” Join SOSnation today, let’s create the future.

Our services are Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management, Advertising and Public Relations PR, Creative Marketing Strategy Consulting, SEO Search Engine Optimization and SEM Search Engine Marketing, Talent Management and Artist Management, Screenwriting and Songwriting.

Our core values exist in three words which are CREATIVITY, STRATEGY and SUCCESS. That is because at SOSnation, every project we carry out for a client:

1. MUST BE CREATIVE enough to generate adequate awareness and attract positive attention towards our client’s brand.
2. MUST BE STRATEGIC enough to effectively reach and engage our client’s audience, converting them into followers then into customers then into fans and finally into supporters of our client’s brand.
3. MUST BE SUCCESSFUL enough to produce enormous sales, value, money and profit as return of investment for our client.

We value our relationship with our clients and make great efforts to serve the best services to them. That is why we are known and always referred to when a client seeks a company that delivers successfully with creativity, strategy and customer satisfaction.

Ugochukwu Obasi SOSnation Intelligence Company CEO founder SOSnatio Intelligence Company

We are always open to creative and passionate people. Please call or WhatsApp us 07030872766. If you’re not in Nigeria, please add the code +2347030872766 or simply click on any of the numbers to automatically start a chat with us. We are waiting.

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