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Dear SOS – About and how to host a chat

Dear SOS, the future of talk chat show

Dear SOS is a chatroom about giving the best advice to make your life better.

What is Dear SOS about?

We chat and educate your mind about various topics in fields of career and business ideas, love and relationship goals, sex and marriage problems, politics and national issues, health and religious matters etc.

If I join a chat, what do I gain?

During a live chat, you will see people’s problems, secrets and opinions on how to improve your relationship and marriage, boost your sex-life and dating tips, motivate and inspire you, develop your career, grow your business, how to make money and much more! You get a chance to interact with celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, sport figures and more important personalities. So don’t miss a chat!

If I host a chat, what do I gain?

It is a means to promote your brand (maybe a new song or movie, your services, a campaign intention, your organisation) and trend on social media. It is an effective PR move so as to make news and be the headline story on blogs, newspapers and other media platforms. You gain more followers as those who tend to join the chat to interact with you are likely to follow you.

How it works

When we book an interesting topic for you as the next host on Dear SOS, we both will agree on a day, time and duration that suits you to be online on Twitter where we will begin our live chat with millions of online users utilizing the hashtag #DearSOS.
Easy and effective.

How can I host a chat on Dear SOS?

Please call of WhatsApp us 07030872766 so we can book you for our next chat on Dear SOS. If you’re not in Nigeria, please add the code +2347030872766 or just click on any of the numbers to automatically chat with us. 🙂 Thank you.

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