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SOSnation – About us, the most interesting app in the world, advertise, creative marketing strategy and consulting services, statistics and contact details

SOSnation app is the most interesting app in the world!

With its daily usage due to its latest news and creative content inside, app is definitely the most interesting app in the world, making it and the site an effective platform to reach your target audience and promote any product.

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What is, by definition? is for all news HOT in politics, entertainment, sport, fashion, Dear SOS, SOS Live Chat, SOSclusive and meet the Hottest Girls In The Nation – SOS Face Of The Week.

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SOSnation services we render to you

Creative Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Do you need a creative idea and plan? Do you want to make more money, more sales, more votes or more awareness? Do you want to be better than your competition and win most of the customers in the business you operate in? What you need is a creative marketing strategy. And that’s what we do.

When you patronize us, we give to you the most creative ideas, innovative strategies, developing effective marketing campaigns that can adequately promote and double sales for you, your product, your song, your business etc.

We are professionals, so we will treat your matter with optimum expertise, applying marketing formulas (addictive AIDAs, USPs and OVPs, precise 5Ss and 1H, accurate SWOTs, SMARTS, STEPPS etc), delivering statistics (KPIs), professional advice and creative strategies to elevate your sales, brand, political campaign, project, song, business and more. Below is one of our numerous diagrams illustrating our social currency structural formula that we will apply for you:

Advertising | Promotion | PR Services

We charge you low cost, we deliver high effectivity, that’s how we operate. We possess the capacity of promoting your advert to millions of people through our website and app, social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Google), radio push, TV commercials, outdoor advertising and many more options.

Our PR service is very efficient. We will continually create interesting stories with attractive headlines that can grab the attention of people towards your brand, song, product, political campaign, movie, services, event, or business to increase awareness, impressions, downloads, views, sales, votes, fans, followers and customers just like we previously did for Samsung. Click on the ad below and see what happens next:

Corporate branding | Software development

Do you want a new fine logo and unique brand name that can attract your target audience to you? Do you want a beautiful and effective website and app? We can do this for you, along with designing your ID cards, complimentary cards, T-shirts, bags, posters, bill boards and more that can grab enormous attention, just like we did for Vivian Martins clothing below:

Vivian Martins clothing business card


Come, let us manage you to success! We offer artiste management, project management, digital marketing and social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc.) aimed at increasing your visibility, making you a successful celebrity, brand, company and service.

History of SOSnation: our vision, our mission, our values is a network and division of SOSnation Online enterprises – a media company into production, advertising, PR services, management, programming, corporate branding, creative marketing strategy and consulting. In summary, we create CREATIVITY.

SOSnation was created by our CEO and founder Ugochukwu Obasi on June 28, 2013 by 1:28:58 a.m. (GMT+1), to be precise.

Our vision and mission is “to simply create ideas of value for nations.”

Our motto, slogan and USP is “Create CREATIVITY.”

Our core values exist in three words, “Creativity, Simplicity and Value,” because at SOSnation, every project we carry out for a client:

  • MUST be super creative to beat our clients’ competition in the market.
  • MUST possess simplicity for our clients’ consumers to easily understand and buy quickly.
  • MUST yield enormous value and profit in return for our client.

We value our relationship with our clients. For that, we serve our clients with the best services. That is why we are known and always referred to when a client seeks a company that delivers with integrity, expertise, creativity, simplicity, value and customer satisfaction.

Come and meet the creativity team

We are a passionate and creative team bound by core values and a shared vision to simply create ideas of value for nations of the world. Meet Team SOS today, let’s create tomorrow and the future!

Ugochukwu Obasi CEO and founder of SOSnation creative intellectual Clementina's son

Some of our clients and customers

Our global network and connections:

Do you need services and help across the globe? Our connections are strong. We know the best programmers and 3D animators, graphic designers and producers, management and consulting firms, PRs and many more professional acquaintances not only in Lagos and Nigeria, but also in Accra, Johannesburg, Nairobi, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Beijing and New Delhi to be precise. correspondents associates, connections networks

Contact SOS now:

For more information or consultation, please call, SMS
or WhatsApp us: 07030872766. If you’re not in Nigeria, please add the code: +2347030872766.

We will love to hear from you and
help you in anyway possible.  Thank you.

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All news HOT in politics, entertainment, sport, fashion, Dear SOS, SOS Live Chat, SOSclusive and meet the hottest girls in the nation – SOS Face Of The Week | SOSnation app is the most interesting app in the world! Download on Google Play Store now and enjoy! | Create CREATIVITY