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📌SOS Faces you should have made your Valentine date – Pick 1 – SOS Face Of The Week

SOS Face Of The Week brand have the hottest girls in the nation. But if you were to pick only 1 as your Valentine Date, who will it be? We SOS thought of the perfect 4 SOS Faces you ought to have made your Valentine date today, and we came up with these beautiful, curvaceous, stunning, intelligent and independent babes below for you to pick 1.

PICK 1 ONLY! Don’t let their beauty make you greedy to pick 2:

SOS Face Ruth Nwokolo 💰

Ruth Blahk as she calls herself (but we love to call her Ru Ru) might be too much for you to handle. So you have to boss up before thinking of meeting her because she’s way above your average girl.

Ruth Nwokolo Blahk Instagram Twitter SOS face Of The Week
Ruth Nwokolo/Instagram

If you are not a boss, please hide your face. Click here to meet Ruth.

SOS Face Latona Ajibola ❤

Tona baby! The Yoruba beauty is not just a pretty face with 200% perfect curves, but a hard-working entrepreneur. If you’re looking for a woman you can build an empire with, Latona is that woman. Bẹẹni!

Latona Ajibola Instagram
Latona Ajibola/Instagram

But you have to be serious when it comes to Latona, no fuck boys are allowed in her world. Click here to meet Latona.

SOS Face Emily Chikhani 🔥

She is one of the hottest SOS Faces right now. Emily Chikhani has got that hotness and stew everyone wants to have a taste but can’t, just as Mercedes Benz has got those cars everyone dreams to drive but only those who can afford it can. 🙁

Emily Chikhani Instagram Twitter SOS Face Of The Week
Emily Chikhani/Twitter

Do you think you deserve to meet one of the hottest SOS Faces right now? Click here to meet Emily.


SOS Face Nicole Jacob 😍

Three words, “beauty with brains,” that is the perfect definition of our SOS Face Nicole Jacob. The babe is too stunning when you see her, and too intellectually blessed when you have a conversation with her, you might feel oppressed physically and intellectually. Click here to meet this beauty with brains.

Nicole Jacob Instagram SOS Face Of The Week
Nicole Jacob/Instagram

Pick 1 SOS Face as your Valentine date

If you ask me, hmm! I will pick Latona so we can build an empire together! No time! Hahaha! 😀 If you were to pick 1 of these SOS Faces as your Valentine date, who will you pick? Is it Ruth, Latona, Emily or Nicole? Comment below, let’s know.

18 thoughts on “📌SOS Faces you should have made your Valentine date – Pick 1 – SOS Face Of The Week”

  1. I dont mean to sound deep, but any man who really really wants to have a serious relationship that can lead to marriage will choose Nicole or Latona because they are not just fine like the other 2, but they also have attributes that is needed in a wife. Latona is hardworking, Nicole is an intelligent lady. For me I will pick 1 of their 2, not 1 of the 4. Thank you.

    1. Oga shut up and pick 1. Which one is wife attributes. ma baby girl emily is a better wife material. You know nothing. pick 1 or shut up. 🙄

  2. (A milli remix part 2) EMILY EMILY EMILY EMILY EMI EMI.
    (Lil wayne rapping) Emily is here, emily is there. Emily is ill, not sick. And her ass is sick. And her curves sick. And her drip is sick. She’s ill. Mudafucker she’s ill.

  3. i will spend my money on latona if she agrees to be my valentine. sos inform her sharp sharp. bank alert on the way for u baby.

  4. Sos am with you. I know latona and we follow each other. She is very attractive and hardworking at the same time. She js a goid friend too.

Which SOS Face will you pick and why?

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