Money advice for YOU – How Billionaire Warren Buffet schedules his meetings

Warren Buffet is known to be one of the greatest investors in the world (probably the greatest). So it is safe to say that anything done by the billionaire should be learned by you.

As entrepreneurs, time is money, time is everything. And you don’t want to waste it. Meeting up with clients is time, and you want to make that time spent efficiently. Now that is what Jason Fried, founder & CEO at Basecamp is trying to point out here—How Warren Buffet schedules his meetings. See excerpt of his article below:

I recently heard about Warren Buffet’s approach to scheduling meetings. I can’t confirm this is true (I’ve never met him), but I hear from a reputable source that he usually doesn’t set up meetings more than a day in advance.

If someone wants to see him, they are told to call and set up the meeting when they can see him tomorrow. So if you want to meet with him next Friday, you call next Thursday and say, “Can I see Mr. Buffet tomorrow?”

I love the simplicity of the rule: I can see you today if you asked me yesterday, but I can’t fill up my schedule any further in advance.

This way he can determine how he wants to spend his time within the context of the next 24 hours instead of booking things weeks or months in the future.

Now his schedule is relevant instead of prescient.

I’m sure many people will say, “Well, he’s Warren Buffet. So he can do that.” Yes he’s Warren Buffet, but no one granted him the power to do that or say that. He decided that.


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