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Latona Ajibola is the new SOS Face Of The Week – May 25, 2018

Latona Ajibola is one fine Yoruba girl you need to know. And when you know her well, you will realize that this babe is not just a fine face, but also a focus-minded ambitious lady! Meet Latonaaaaa (we love stressing her name during conversations), your new SOS Face Of The Week.

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In courtesy of Latona Ajibola/

SOS: Please introduce thyself
LATONA: “My name is Latona Ajibola. You can call me Dahlia.”

SOS: Dahlia? I like the name. Sounds posh. Hey Dahlia Latonaaaaa. 😉

SOS: Go on, what’s your birthday, university, what you do and every every about you?
LATONA: “I was born on the 30th of March 199x. My Uni is Obafemi Awolowo University, course English Language. I like cooking, I like singing, and I like traveling a lot.

Latona Ajibola/Instagram

LATONA: “I’m self employed: I own an online fashion store La Bake. I also run a transportation and courier business. I’m also a distributor for Blackhorse industry, they make plastics and household equipment.”

SOS: Ambition is sexy. But I won’t lie, your face + skin + that curvy body of yours is sexier!

Latona Ajibola/Instagram

SOS: Please tell us, what’s your beauty secret?
LATONA: “Staying in shape is hardwork, trust me. There are certain rules I live by, one of which includes my eating habit. I make sure my meals contain less calories. Also I never eat late because when you eat late your body doesn’t get the chance to process all you have eaten before going to bed. This however slows down your body metabolism which results in weight gain. Many girls desire to shed weight in certain areas and be thick in others. I have my way around this which I can not fully discuss here. For details on that, anybody should feel free to contact me on Instagram or Snapchat @Latona_Dahlia. As for my skin, there are body treatments that I use for maintenance. But asides this, I clean my skin, especially my face thoroughly. I never allow dirt to sit on my skin or face for too long to avoid any outbreak. Also I use sun screen to reduce the effect of the sun on my skin during the day.”

SOS: But what is your favorite part of your body?
LATONA: “The favorite part of my body, I would say my brain but I believe you meant a physical part LOL! So, I would say my face. My reason is because it’s the first part most people notice about me, it tells a story about who I am. Most of the time I don’t have to do a lot of talking when I meet people before they can tell a thing or two about me.”

latona ajibola sos face of the week
In courtesy of Latona Ajibola

SOS: The financial question—What is your Money State Of Mind?
LATONA: “When it comes to making money, I believe in 3 things; ‘being determined, hardworking and prayerful.’ These 3 are key factors and determinants of success, and I follow it back to back. I have set goals and future plans, some of which I have set in motion already. But the most important of these goals is to be able to change lives, not just that of my family but of everyone I have and will encounter, the people. This has been one of my greatest passion of all and even though I’m not able to put it into action fully now, I intend to in the nearest future.”

SOS: I love a woman of ambition, most especially “a woman of the people.” Please, if you become the first female president of Nigeria, what will you do for our nation?
LATONA: “If I ever become the first female President of Nigeria, it will be my mission to empower the youths. Not only that, I will try as much as possible to right the wrongs of past leaders and set the country on the right path to best of my abilities.”

Latona Ajibola/Instagram

SOS: Which football team do you rep?
LATONA: “I’m not a fan of football, sorry.”

SOS: Which new movie will you like to watch in the cinema right now?
LATONA: “It has to be ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ right now.”

SOS: Which one of the new and latest songs out is your favorite on your phone?
LATONA: Wizkid‘s ‘Soco’ song. I also like ‘Assurance’ by Davido.”

SOS: #TGIF! How will you you love to spend this Friday night and weekend?
LATONA: “If I had that special someone, then yes spending time at a resort would be nice. But I don’t mind being by myself or with friends.”

SOS: Did you just say, “if I had that special someone?” Are you single? 😯
LATONA: “Yes, but you can omit that from the interview. LOL!”

SOS: We will add it…so that “special someone” will read it…and take you to that resort one day! 😉

latona ajibola sos face of the week
In courtesy of Latona Ajibola

SOS: TURN-OFF? What turns you off in a man?
LATONA: “Laziness, pride, greed and unfaithfulness.”

SOS: TURN-ON? What turns you on in a man?
LATONA: “Generosity, ambitiousness and humility. I also really like guys who have a caring nature.”

latona ajibola sos face of the week
In courtesy of Latona Ajibola

SOS: What’s your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat so people can follow you?
LATONA: “My Facebook is Elsa La’Tona. Snapchat: Latona_Dahlia. Instagram: Latona_Dahlia.

SOS: Guys, all I can say is three words, “Latona is single.” 

Click here to meet Latona. What do you think about her? Comment below, let’s know. Click here to see the previous SOS Face Of The Week who is a popular model from South America. Click here to join.


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