Mr 2kay broke up with Big Brother Naija’s Gifty to secretly date SOS Face Prisca Achebe, and I have proof! – Eye witness claims

Mr 2Kay and Gifty were once a love item last year that got people talking about their relationship. Well, their relationship went south, with both shading each other, where Gifty even went as far as calling the singer out on Instagram to stop going on TV interviews and blaming “zodiac signs” for his “frustration” over their failed relationship, adding that he should check himself spiritually! 😯

The Big Brother Naija contestant even called him “irrelevant” in an interview with PUNCH.

Gifty Powers/Twitter

Well, like they say, when a door closes, a gate might open. And this saying seemed to have happened to the “Bad Girl Special” singer, who, according to a witness, has been “secretly” dating our very own SOS Face Prisca Achebe!!! 😯

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Prisca Achebe/Instagram

Below is an excerpt of our conversation with the witness:

WINTESS: “Yes now, abi you don’t know? They have been dating ever since he and Gifty broke up. Mr 2kay broke up with Gifty, and now he has been secretly dating Prisca since middle last year.”

SOS: Does Gifty know about this?
WITNESS: “Gifty doesn’t know!!!”

SOS: Haaa! No offence, but why will Mr 2Kay leave a Big Brother Africa star like Gifty to now date a beauty queen?
WITNESS: “Who Big Brother help? Mtseew! My friend Prisca is a certified barrister of the law, well known model and a Flat Tummy Tea ambassador.”

WITNESS: “Prisca is a popular beauty queen with numerous crowns. She is a…”

SOS: Hey, hey. enough. Tell us what matters; tell us about she and Mr 2Kay’s new relationship. 😉
WITNESS: “SOS you like amebo sha. Well, their relationship is serious, like super serious. They started dating middle of 2017 and kept it secret. But once in a while, oga will share their videos and photos on Instagram. They love each other though.”

SOS: What proof do you have to back all this up?
WITNESS: “Let me send you a photo of them leaving for church on Sunday recently.”

SOS: Come on! Anyone can take a photo with a celebrity. This can’t stand as evidence.
WITNESS: “Let me send you a video of them going on a date.”

SOS: Hmm! Interesting. But anyone can take a video of themselves chilling, not to mean that they are dating, just being friends, maybe.
WITNESS: “I have proof, more proof. Do you know this guy is so in love with Prisca that he sang about the babe in one song in his new album?”

SOS: What? For real? 😯

elevated album cover mr 2kay
Grafton Records

WITNESS: “Hian! For real, me self I shock when I heard the song! Mr 2Kay didn’t even sing for Gifty back then. Omo mehn, I don’t know what Prisca gave him to eat. But it is working. Hahahaha!”

SOS: Hehehe! Prisca carry weight O! Baddest babe! 😀
WITNESS: “Yes O! Who know like better thing?”

SOS: But, I still don’t believe he sang for her though. I mean, na so he love the babe reach? Who does that?
WITNESS: “SOS, oya check his new album ‘Elevated,’ the track is called ‘Take You Home,’ track number 10. Listen to it and you will confirm my story wey I dey give you like this. I can’t lie to you guys. This info is legit and real, they are dating and Gifty doesn’t know it.”

SOS: Okay, we will download it and confirm if it’s true.

We downloaded the album, we listened to track 10 “Take You Home.” and we confirmed a truth that Gifty may not be aware of: Mr 2Kay is in love with our SOS Face Prisca Achebe, and he might take her home to mama! 😀 Well, click here to get the album and confirm.


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  1. But really, who the fuck is gifty. Sos made it seem as if Gifty is better than Prisca. I like this witness. Please who big brother don help? Swerve abeg

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