SOS Face Emmanuella Kenneth opens up about breaking up with Donjazzy’s singer DNA, reveals 14 things a man MUST have to be her boyfriend this Valentine – SOS Face Of The Week

Emmanuella Kenneth has finally responded to numerous messages regarding her break up with 1/2 of DNA.

“I was young then, you know,” the SOS Face reacted. “You put all your energy into something you believe in and then what do you get in return? SOS, we just had to go our separate ways. Not that we don’t hope to be together in future, but for now, we just had to break up.”

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The model and Nollywood actress revealed her relationship status, claiming she is single at the moment.

We jokingly asked her that since February 14th Valentine’s day is coming close, could she tell us the 14 things a man must have to be her boyfriend, she gave us her list below:

“1. He should be dark and handsome; I love my man all chocolate, you know.

2. He should be religious and take God seriously, please and please, no jokes. I mean it!

3. He MUST be ambitious and getting it! Stay focused on your hustle babe.

4. Forget about my beauty, trust me I’m not perfect. I have flaws and I’ve made mistakes too. But if you can see the best in me, accept and love me for who I am, then I will be yours.

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In courtesy of Emmanuella Kenneth

5. He should be classy with good taste and standards.

6. Be smart, be intelligent. I like creative guys with great minds. You will get me wanting you!

7. Be caring towards me and things that matter to me. Show concern, give me attention, respect my choices and I will love you more than you can imagine.

8. Well spoken; he has to be good with diction and words.

9. I love a man with a great sense of humor and full of life.

10. He should be fun and willing to do spontaneous things with me! I love to have fun, a lot!

11. Be romantic!!! You will make me happier with romance.

12. When it comes to sex, all I can say is that be more than my expectations.”

Emmanuella Kenneth/Instagram

“13. If you are to be my boyfriend, it has to lead to marriage. I can’t waste time anymore. Serious relationships only, no fuck-boys allowed.

14. This is secretive to me. And I will reveal it to you after you pass the listed 13 points, and I begin to see you as a potential husband material for me.”

We found numbers 4 and 7 way too deep though. We love number 6 for reasons obvious. ; ) But as for number 12, we hope her expectations aren’t “high.” Hehehe! 😉 What do you think guys? Do you make her list? You can meet Emmanuella here!


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  1. Emmanuella i have all the high to make your number 12. Baby boo come to poppa and get your expectations.

  2. All thia 14 list cannot be found complete in any man in Nigeria. Ella you better enter europe find man to marry.

    1. Lol she doesn’t know nigerian men won’t do her beauty any good but try to take advantage and give you chicken change, Ella learn from your experience and every thing you put out here on sos about your ideal man, you can’t find what you want if you are not ready to change your perspective in men, you are too beautiful for these kinda guys, plus her ex sure lost a beauty…men are scum

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