Dorcas Shola Fapson released video of alleged rape attempt by Taxify driver after he denies rape allegations – See his chat and watch her video

Dorcas Shola Fapson has released the recorded video of what transpired between her and the Taxify driver she claimed he abducted and almost raped her.

But before she did, the driver in question had released his on side of the story!

A Twitter user happened to have gotten across to the driver, who stated via WhatsApp all that went down, denying the rape allegations against him:


Well, the Nollywood actress took to her Snapchat to react to his claims, cursing him out while sharing a snippet of what happened that night.

Press play and watch below:


5 thoughts on “Dorcas Shola Fapson released video of alleged rape attempt by Taxify driver after he denies rape allegations – See his chat and watch her video”

  1. The taxi driver said “on getting to the safe location I came down from the car and politely opened the door and asked her to come down okay so in the video why could we see him getting down and going to the complete opposite direction of the door in the video she added and ALSO you could hear the sound of the gate which she said.. The only thing that is confusing on her side is that she muted one video but her side of the story makes a bit more sense and she has added evidence. All that time he had her locked in the car why didn’t he call police or he was the driver, he could’ve stopped anywhere there was people around and tell the story ask for help? But he didn’t. She could’ve done the same but if I was in her shoes id be afraid he’d attack me or grab my phone plus she mentioned she didn’t know where they were. He was the driver I’m sure he knew where he was or was going?

    1. he also said he drove to the estate where there was a security light.. please why is there no light in the video ???
      And how is someone going to tell you to drive out they’ll tell you their destination l after??? That does not make sense unlkess she gave him directions or either she told him to drive out of the particular road.
      And if she was really that broke and wasn’t going pay. If the driver was giving her that much hassle as a broke girl why wouldn’t she just get out and book another taxify?
      People really need to stop using her background or because she came from the UK, she’s up to something. That’s ridiculous, obviously because she’s not classified as a “Nigerian” as much as he is they wanna be all in his defence.
      His story doesn’t make sense to me.
      But at the end of the day, it’s between them and the court.
      It’s just disgusting that people are out there giving her so much hate for telling her story.
      I also don’t agree with swearing towards people’s life and their family but obviously she’s also angry at the hate she’s getting.

      1. @ola please drop your phone and dont comment what you dont know. What the video she posted and the chat he posted, she is lying. The guy acted like a normal bus driver wey go carry you go when you dont want to pay his money. Simple. On opening the door to argue with her, she sprayed him pepper spray. She muted the video because the guy was saying things thag would have prooved that she was a liar.

  2. There is something fishy about what she did. Why did she mute the video in the beginning. We need to hear what the guy was saying to confirm.

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