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Dear SOS, I’ve lost hope in Nigerian men. I give up. But I want to ask them these few questions…

A lot of women today don’t believe in love because of how their hearts have been played, used and destroyed by men in their past. This is sad. Read this story below:

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Since 2004? We wonder how your heart looks like now. My dear, you’re strong and believing. And we advice you not to stop being this strong woman who believes in trying and trying until she finds love, because this true love do exist! Also know that as there are bad men, so are there good men.

Apply the law attraction from now on by having the attributes of the kind of woman that this good men will be attracted to:

  1. Get ambitious, not dependent, for bad guys don’t like independent women.
  2. Get attractive with class, not slutty seeking attention and Instagram likes, for good guys like their women looking like queens, not thots.
  3. Get closer to God, for with holy spirit, you will know the right path to follow, amen.

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15 thoughts on “Dear SOS, I’ve lost hope in Nigerian men. I give up. But I want to ask them these few questions…”

  1. I will only say that she keeps meeting the bad ones. I can speak for myself that I am good. But she should not give up yet

  2. personally. i think all men are the same. they will say they love you and say the same thing to your best friend, even your sister if you ar not careful.

  3. Maybe she has comma in her behaviour thats why men dont keep her long. All these babes that keep complaining about men, check them. U will find out that there is something about them that chases all this guys away after few months of fucking

  4. All men are the same, fuck boys everywhere in nigeria I think it is better being single and mingling

    1. Not only guys. Girls una too dey destroy men heart. So pls talk about women when commenting cos it isnt only us that is wicked

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