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3000elite confirms SOSnation’s satisfying corporate branding services

3000elite is an online store that delivers urban and trending clothes to you, promising to increase your style level by x3000.

After it’s founder Prince Enwere met with our CEO Ugochukwu Obasi to have a brief meeting and accepted our corporate branding services, Prince took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and our CEO, adding his satisfaction.

ugochukwu obasi prince enwere 3000elite

“Before we created 3000elite,” Prince captioned, adding, “@UgochukwuSOS talking creativity and how we can create a better brand, a better fashion company. Thank you Ugo, you are probably one of the most creative minds in the world, too much ideas.”

In another post, the boss of the fashion brand shared the logo created and designed by Ugochukwu.

“[Ugochukwu] gave us the best logo,” Prince confirmed, giving credit, “For the most creative designs and corporate branding services, follow him and his company @SOSnation.”

3000elite logo

In response to our client’s satisfactory remarks, our CEO wrote on his Instagram page, “‘My vision for you is to create a brand whose logo speaks for itself. I want your customers to see your brand and know who you are without questioning, accept what you offer without bargaining and associate with your image without doubting,’ I told potential client @PrinceEnwere at his home. He sat confident, but in his eyes I saw doubts. I calmed him down, and told him that with me (and God most importantly), all creative things are possible. In less than 23 minutes, I came up with @3000elite.”

3000elite logo business card

He added“One of my primary precautions before undergoing my picture-thinking phase to create @3000elite was that ‘it MUST be a logo that speaks for itself.’ 3000 + ELITE = a logo that will give birth to it’s values and USP; which is ‘increasing your style level ×3000.'”

3000elite logo business card mockup

Do you have a business idea, but need creative minds to bring it to reality with attractive designs? Contact we SOS now +2347030872766, let us (plus our CEO Ugochukwu) make your brand the next big thing!

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