justin bieber paola paulin dating

Justin Bieber and Paola Paulin are dating, but not yet exclusive – Sources reveal

Justin Bieber has a new “Baby,” and her name is definitely not Selena Gomez.

The pop star is now dating model Paola Paulin, and the two have been spotted together not once, not twice, but more than three times in recent weeks.

justin bieber paola paulin dating
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“Justin and Paola are dating, but nothing is exclusive,” a source revealed. adding,  “They have recently been seeing each other more often. She wants a relationship but he is taking his time on getting to know her.”

According to the source, their personalities are “very compatible and they laugh all the time when they are together.” The model has made such a good impression on Justin that he’s already introduced Paola to some of his friends as well.

“Justin likes how well diverse and smart she is. They are having fun and enjoying each other’s company,” our source said. “What’s important to Justin is church and feeling mentally stable and having a good support system.”

This past Wednesday, Justin and Paola were spotted leaving a church service in Beverly Hills, Calif. They were also seen hanging out at in Hollywood.

justin bieber paola paulin dating
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“He wants a girlfriend eventually though but taking his sweet time figuring it out before he makes a commitment,” another source shared.

Will they last? Let’s see. 🙁

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