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SOS Face Ifeoluwa Fadipe warns about the “4 types of men and women you should NOT marry.” –

Ifeoluwa Fadipe is lecturing us on the type of men and women we should NEVER marry. And wow, we relate with her on this note!

The SOS Face recently took to her Instagram page to note out the characteristics we must run away from, regardless. So, we SOS got in a chat with the beauty, and she forwarded her message below:

“Don’t marry ‘A Liar:’ Never trust a pretty person with an ugly secret. These people live in a world built on promises constructed by their lies. When their lies replace the truth, people just get hurt,” she quoted.

“Don’t marry ‘A Narcissist:’ When they discover the center of the universe, these folk are going to be very disappointed that they are not it. They live in the lonely world of me and never admit they could possibly ever be wrong,” the fashion entreprenuer stated.

“Don’t marry ‘A Hypocrite:’ Why do people quote the bible when it makes their point, but only follow half the teachings that fit their lifestyle? They profess their faith and devotion but are secretly burning calories in the sheets,” the busty babe pointed out.

“Don’t marry ‘The Victim:’ Welcome to the whiners. Their past defines who the are today. They have difficulty giving it their all because those walls are pretty damn high,” Ife ended.

Do you agree with her?



3 thoughts on “SOS Face Ifeoluwa Fadipe warns about the “4 types of men and women you should NOT marry.” –”

  1. That part of victim wasnt explained well. Our past will always follow us wherever we go. If you love us, then aceppt our flaws

  2. Does this apply to the types of bitches we shoud not marry too? Why is she directing it to men like na only us bad

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