Isah Misau reacts to Police statement against him, says, “Nigeria Police are clueless especially under the leadership of IGP Ibrahim Idris.”

Isah Misau is firing back at the Nigeria Police Force over the statement recently made by the law enforcing body against him that stated that he was a “habitual liar with an unsound mind that patronizes Indian hemp,” alongside questioning his resignation from the Police.

The senator has denied these allegation by the Nigeria Police that he deserted, insisting that he resigned from the service and he is not on the run as the police authorities claimed and challenging the police authorities to address the issues he raised against the leadership of the security agency rather than diverting attention to his alleged removal from the police force.

Misau had last week alleged that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris was collecting money amounting to N10 billion monthly from private organisations and high-profile persons! He also alleged that senior police officers were paying between N10 million and N15 million as bribes to influence their postings.

“I am not surprised that the Police Force left unaddressed the weighty issues raised and my concerns over the unwholesome practices in an institution I dedicated the active part of my youthful years to attack my integrity,” Misau responded, adding, “It only goes to affirm my worries over the current leadership of the force. For the avoidance of doubt, I strictly followed the provisions of the Police Act and Regulations in resigning my position with the Nigeria Police. Not wanting to take issue with the rambling incoherence of the Force spokesman, the police have always known my whereabouts since my resignation.”

He continued, “Moreover, I have been in the Senate for about two and half years without any mention of my deserting until my innocuous caution against practices capable of destroying the Police Force. It is beyond curiosity that the Police would be looking for someone clearly in plain sight for these past years. Little wonder the proliferation of crimes in the country and the police apparent ‘cluelessness’ especially under the current leadership of Inspector General of Police [Ibrahim Idris]. The real issue is the illegal promotion in the Police Force and its potential to undermine the operational capacity of the Force. The IGP and the chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC) should prove me wrong and not embark on voyage of discovery.”


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  1. I support Isah Misau. The Police should open up about his initial allegations not criticize his past.

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