Nicole Kidman poses wet and sexy for Stellar magazine, talks about her new age 50 years

Nicole Kidman is MILFING HOT!!!

The Oscar winner and “Big Little Lies” movie star appears in a sexy cover for Stellar magazine‘s one-year anniversary issue in Australia wearing a strapless Alexander Perry gown and standing soaking wet inside a swimming pool, cupping her breasts.

Nino Munoz for Stockland Martel/Stellar magazine

Kidman posed for the cover weeks after celebrating her 50th birthday in June. In the publication, she talks about getting older.

“I’m just really going, ‘OK, this is my life,’ and I’m very, very happy to be 50,” she said. “I think that’s what happens with birthdays once you get to a particular age, you’re just like, ‘Yay, OK, here we go!'”

Nino Munoz for Stockland Martel/Stellar magazine

50, still looking hot like this? Wow!