Toyin Abraham reveals why she changed her name, depression, drugs, and more on Guardian Life

Toyin Abraham stunned well on the cover of The Guardian Life. And the actress had a lot to say regarding issues on depression, drugs, her latest movie “Alakida Reloaded,” and why she changed her name, formerly referred to as Toyin Aimakhu before separating from her husband, remember?

The Guardian Life

When questioned over her change of name, she responded, “Yes, changing my name signified a fresh start,” adding, “Toyin Abraham is a different and better brand and I’m here to stay and break new grounds.”

Toyin spoke about her new movie “Alakida Reloaded,” saying, “The story idea was also inspired by our environment, the whole fake life that a lot of people seem to be living now; lying and living a lie. So, I just decided to tell a story of a girl that represents these set of people. Sincerely, I am
overwhelmed by the franchise and how far it has gone. It honestly went beyond my expectations. It’s bigger than me now and I thank God.”

The Guardian Life

On drugs and depression, she complained, “Depression came as a result of the [negativity] around me at the time. Like I said in that interview, I didn’t plan for a broken marriage and after the marriage ended, I was down and I didn’t give myself enough time to heal before jumping into another relationship. I lost touch with things that used to work for me, things were just spiraling out of control, it felt like I was no longer in control of my life and so when a friend introduced me to drugs, I embraced it and tried to find solace with it.”

Abraham continued, “It was like an awakening. I realized I deserve more and that I needed to keep looking at the bigger picture. So, I sought for help, I changed my team and the people around me. I changed some of my friends too and here I am today. All in all, I
thank God for the grace and for a new me.”

When asked what her best physical feature, she said two words, “My breasts.”

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