Rossy Utojiuba is the new SOS Face Of The Week – August 18, 2017

Rossy Utojiuba is rumored to be the most beautiful girl in Anambra state (check Google if you doubt us), so know what you are about to meet is an eastern beauty goddess below:

sos face of the week rossy utojiuba most beautiful girl in anambra state

SOS: As a feminist, in your own words, make a statement about the word, “Woman.
RU: “Don’t be the woman that needs a man. Be the man that needs a woman. That’s my perspective: Women need to have that too. Yes, yes I know we all need somebody, but also be someone people need too.”

SOS: Okay miss independent, introduce thyself.
RU: “My name is Rossy Utojiuba. I was born March 28; I’m pisces by zodiac. I’m from Anambra state! Yes O! We rock!

SOS: Yeah, Anambra girls rock! One morning, we woke up and saw your face everywhere on blogs, titling you as the “most beautiful girls in Anambra state.” Can you explain that?
RU: “My dear, I woke up as you woke up and saw the same thing. It’s all God.”

In courtesy of Rossy Utojiuba

RU: “Anyway, I graduated from UNIZIK in 2013; I studied Computer Science. I love travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, understanding new cultures.”

Rossy Utojiuba/Instagram

SOS: Uhm…is there any other secret hobby you might wanna share with us?
RU: “Well, secret? Uhm…I’m not a strong drinker but I like the high feeling of alcohol. LOL! It’s fun.”

SOS: Now we know your little hobby secret. But what is your beauty secret? This skin of yours, is it natural?
RU: “Haba! SOS, of course it’s natural. People who know me know I don’t use any form of bleaching cream. In my family, we are fair in nature from my Dad, mom and sister.”

SOS: How can we get your skin and beauty?
RU: “Well, there is one beauty quote I follow: Take a lot of water inside to get a lot of beauty outside. I drink lots of water! And I stay away from the sun; save your skin. I wonder why girls will stay under sun for so long and later be buying cream. It makes no sense at all.”

In courtesy of Rossy Utojiuba

SOS: What is your favorite part of your body? Although we love your eyes, really attractive.
RU: “People say the same thing. I love my eyes, they are my favorite.”

In courtesy of Rossy Utojiuba

SOS: The financial question—What is your Money State Of Mind?
RU: “My dream all my entire life started from when I was younger: To see myself everywhere I go.”

SOS: Everywhere you go? Are you MTN?
RU: “Hahahaha! SOS, my gosh! I meant, like on TV screens, billboards, posters, not just as a model but as an influential entrepreneur.”

SOS: Let’s talk football, gaming, music, movies…and MEN!
RU: “Not a fan, nothing at all. I can watch because of people around me but, not a fan; although I like Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t play games but hey, I watch cartoons like “Sofia The First” on Disney Junior. My favorite movie is “3 Idiots,” funny one!”

SOS: And your hottest Nigerian song on your phone is?
RU: “Your mama born you well! And you are beautiful too! My gosh, it is Mayorkun‘s “Mama” now!”

SOS: #MCM Who is your celebrity crush and who is your bestie #BFF?
RU: “I don’t do that bestie thing. I’m a very private person. But I have a crush on Jim Iyke, mainly because of his style.”

SOS: #TGIF! How will you love to spend your Friday night and weekend?
RU: “If you are close to me, you will know that I love indoors. I want to just cuddle with a loved one in duvee indoors, gist about all things, with some sweet kissing. Then maybe we can do the same thing on Saturday again, depending on how it feels.”

In courtesy of Rossy Utojiuba

SOS: Sweet kissing? Nice. Anyway, TURN-OFF? What turns you off in a man?
RU: “Show off. You don’t need to tell me about yourself arrogantly. Its sexy when a woman finds out who you really are, not you telling her. Guys, learn.”

SOS: Tell them. Next, TURN-ON? What turns you on in a man?
RU: “Let me share a secret: Honesty is the best way to get me to like you. I love a honest man. I like a man’s style too, at least impress me when you come meet me with my friends. Don’t fall my hand! LOL! I like a man who is protective and confident. And to an extent, I like a man who has his own say, a little bit stubborn. I want so because I am very stubborn in person, so I need a man who can be confident to challenge me regardless of how stubborn I get. I don’t like a man that I can bully and control anyhow. BE A MAN! One more thing, in bed you need to be like FIRE!!!!”

In courtesy of Rossy Utojiuba

SOS: Fire? Haaa! If a man has that “fire,” what’s your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Telegram usernames so he can follow you?
RU: “My Facebook is Rossy Utojiuba while my Instagram is @_TheRealRossy.”

Click here to privately meet Rossy. What do you think about her? Comment below, let’s know. Click here to be the next SOS Face Of The Week.


55 thoughts on “Rossy Utojiuba is the new SOS Face Of The Week – August 18, 2017”

  1. She is very cute, I really dont know why some people will just calm down and be commenting trash like these about her

  2. Look at this girl forming fine. Ma sisters and girlfriend fine pass you hands down, no dey form most beautiful for hia biko

  3. Whether u rate her 20 watts or 100watts. Person wey done fine, don fine. Shove it up! She’s a fine girl period…

    1. @chinenye, she never told u she was feeling like anything. U’r the one with the feeling problem here. Bitches that can’t breathe. Pls show ur pix nne.

          1. @lily what has inferiority complex got to do with my honest opinion. Rossy is very pretty, its not lie. What me am saying is that she is not the finest girl in anambra state. Who is the nitwit now? Its you

  4. Wow… Who I be
    Thank you so much guys. I immensely appreciate all of your comments. Love you too right back.

    You shall be loved by many just the same way❤️

    Thank you

  5. All you haters rating rossy 80 watts, God will punish you people. Bad belle them, ma friend is a 100 watts!!!!!

  6. Ma baby baby Rossy is the finest girl in anambra and owerri and enugu and abia state all together. the best sos face of the week on this blog

    1. @nzenwa if you say rossy is the finest girl in all the eastern states, just say she is the finest girl in biafra.

  7. 60 watts fall on you. no vex. since everybody is rating you 100 watts & 80 watts then I wl rate you 60 watts cos I hv seen finer anambra girls wella in the east. Rossy park well, you no reach babes I know.

  8. I wanted to rate her 80 wats, bt becos of how smart she sounds, i rated her 100. I like beautiful girls who have brains upstairs

  9. Rossy you are not the most beautiful girl in anambra. Who dash you title? sos please edit your post, am in unizik and we have finer girls than her

    1. I rate her 80 watts. She is cute but not as perfect as other sos faces that i have seen on this blog like stella charles, may, emily, iphy. those girls are 100 watts rating

  10. As for the new sos face of the week, she is really fine and I like the fact that she replies intelligently. Should I rate her 100 watts? yes I will

    1. All this hype for normal igbo girl? People always say a girl is fine when she is fair. If she didnt bleach wl she be white like this. I rated her 40 watts. Sos if you over hype this girl i swear I will rate her 20 watts.

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