Dear Faith, nobody wants to be my friend in school because I don’t take drugs

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It’s hard enough to make decisions for yourself; it’s worse when people try to pressure you to do so. But never give in to such pressures just because you want to be liked, or to fit in or feel cool (like in your case).

You have to learn to say “NO!” Pay attention to your beliefs and feelings on what is wrong and right.

Knowing who you are and what you stand for will help you to make wise decisions when you are under pressure, most especially pressure from your peers,your own friends (even family).

Build your self confidence. And I advise it’s best you get friends who share/have the same values as you. You can also get a confidant (someone you can always confide in, who wouldn’t judge you) when the pressure gets unbearable. But if you stick to what I’ve said above, you wouldn’t need to talk to anyone. You’ll be just fine.

Drugs? What do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “Dear Faith, nobody wants to be my friend in school because I don’t take drugs”

  1. Is that wat your father sent you to school to do? Go and read your books and leave friends alone

  2. Friends are the reasons why most people become useless. See this girl now, if she continues smoking, she will become a thot.

  3. Imsu that useless school, i know all of them na so them be. Especially their boys, local boys all of them.

      1. This drug thing isnt only in imsu, its in unilag too. Na unilag worse pass, imsu dey learn work for codeine and weed. Come to unilag its a drug zone full of worthless junkies always smoking on snapchat

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