U.S says, “We have no desire to harm the long-suffering people of North Korea. But expect China to do more.”

Donald Trump‘s top officials from his administration just revealed that the United States has no plan to hurt North Koreans, but that the they are tired of playing the “patient dog” game with the secretive state, saying all they want is denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and not removal of Kim Jong-Un.

North Korean military chiefs revealed last week that they were putting up a plan to strike four ballistic missiles towards Guam—a U.S owned Island by mid-August—to Donald Trump has clearly warned the North Korean regime against.

But Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have revealed they are willing to toe the diplomatic line and prevent a possible destruction of North Korea, also urging China to do more in pressurizing Kim Jong-Un to stop his nuclear power ambitions.

“We have no desire to inflict harm on the long-suffering North Korean people, who are distinct from the hostile regime in Pyongyang,” Tillerson and Mattis wrote in a Wall Street Journal piece they both authored. “We are replacing the failed policy of ‘strategic patience’…with a new policy of strategic accountability. The region and world need and expect China to do more.”


It read, “The North Korean government faces a choice; take a new path toward peace, prosperity and international acceptance, or continue further down the dead alley of belligerence, poverty and isolation. The US will aspire and work for the former, and will remain vigilant against the latter.”

According to a WHO and UN report, Kim Jong-Un deprives its citizens of food, medical care and electricity; starves and works them to death in labor camps to fund his government’s quest for nuclearization.

Will Kim launch the missiles? Let’s see what happens next.