Dear Faith, what is wrong with giving your babe a Toyota Corolla as birthday gift?

Wow! One word, “Ungrateful.” But not all girls are like that though. I don’t know what he promised her initially (I wasn’t there, neither were you). Maybe he actually promised her a Benz, so she had higher expectations which was let down (you know how some girls gist with their friends when it comes to Bae buying something).

Never the less, the best way to have reacted was to appreciate the gift with all excitement, and then when the guests leave, she could bring that up in private. She should also understand that times are hard for some people…that Toyota Corolla now is what some people are praying for. That brings me back to appreciation and gratitude. Guys, share your comments on this below.

11 thoughts on “Dear Faith, what is wrong with giving your babe a Toyota Corolla as birthday gift?”

  1. let him give it to hu needs it. there’s nothing special in any girl. hu dosent appreciate things
    let her save and buy. finer girls are everywhere. wats dat one. mtcheww

  2. I am a babe, I drive a toyota corolla and i dont see anything bad in driving it. I feel people suffer from inferiority complex especially naija girls of today.

  3. The guy no try at all. Hw cn he give her toyota corola as birthday present in front of her friends. I wl break up wt hm right at the spot if it was me.

    1. am sure the stupid guy bought that toyota corolla everybody is driving in lagos, nt the latest version. lwkmd broke ass nigga

  4. I’m the kind of girl that will never settle for less when I know I deserve more. If she really really really really wants benz, then she has the right to complain. Allow her.

  5. Lol, it’s quite a funny story yh, but based on your own thoughts and advice, I certainly agree with it, we should learn to appreciate the little we have, even when it’s not in accordance with our expectations. We should to be THANKFUL and that’s it, it costs nothing.

    1. Chimdugam i agree bt giving your girlfriend a toyota corrola as a birthday gift is some how uncool. Everybody drives it, even taxi drivers. If i see this girl drive pass me wt that car i will shout DROP TAXI TAXI lmaoo

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