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Meet the 3 men Blac Chyna had sex with in 3 days cheating on Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna has broken the internet with this one, along with Rob Kardashian‘s heart.

Rob has been busy sharing numbers of naked photos and screenshots of messages that proved she has been cheating on him. Well, his latest revelation is that she slept with 3 guys in the last 3 days—that is 2 men and himself!

3 days ago—according to Rob’s revelations—she was having sex with Rob. But 2 days ago, she was cheating on him, taking it in from this fellow below:

This guy even has a son…and maybe this is his wife below too (or babymama, as usual):

I wonder how she will be feeling seeing that her man has been cheating on her. Kai! And yesterday—according to Rob, maybe—Blac Chyna was getting kissed and “f–king” this cute guy below:

We like him though. Hello? His so hot! Seems Blac Chyna liked what she saw…and had to get a taste of his pink lips…among other things! Hehehe!

Na wa for some girls sha. Hmmm!


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  1. What is nawa for some girls. Rob has been cheating on her and several blogs hv been carrying the news. So jst because she cheats now then she is bad. What about Rob?

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